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"I was on a plane watching a documentary about Diana Vreeland, who was the editor of Vogue for years, who is incredible […] They asked her ‘How do you get to be Diana Vreeland?’ and her response was ‘Well, darling, first you have to arrange to be born in Paris!’ And that worked for her, and that’s great, but if someone were to ask me, I’d say: First, you’d have to arrange to be born in the Bronx, to two brilliant, fantastic, Cuban immigrants who taught me grace under fire…sometimes quite literally, ‘cause it was the Bronx…who taught me that work was a blessing and not a chore, who taught me that you determine your self worth and that you tell people who you are…they don’t get to tell you." - Gina Torres

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Gina Torres photographed by JSquared Photography for Bello Mag

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Album Art


"Get the feeling that you’re never
All alone and I remember now
At the top of my lungs in my arms she dies
She dies”

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ArtistMy Chemical Romance
TitleThe Ghost of You
AlbumThree Cheers for Sweet Revenge

Sokka + complimenting Toph

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10 favourite characters of 2013 - 2. Skyler White (Breaking Bad)

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